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Don’t Drink This: Boatswain IPA from Trader Joe’s

First thing’s first, I am in no way a beer snob. This is simply my opinion and warning to all that love to enjoy different beers. I enjoy many types and styles of beer. I drink craft beer regularly and have found many great beers from all over the country. While at Trader Joe’s over the weekend I walked past a display of red, white, and blue cans all sharing the Boatswain moniker. My wife grabbed me and pulled me back to the display because of the low price of $5 per six pack. Knowing I like IPA’s and craft beer she suggested I try one of Trader Joe’s Boatswain beers. I instantly thought it couldn’t be good at the low low price of $5 per sixer, but I took her suggestion hook, line, and sinker thinking most things I have tried from Trader Joe’s have been quite good. This beer was definitely not. I was reluctant to try this an even joked with her that this may be awful but I happily gave it a shot. After the first sip I must’ve made a “bitter beer face” because my wife immediately asked if it was, “that bad”? It was indeed that bad, the aroma was pungeant and the flavor was terrible. It tasted like a skunked rotten blue moon that had been left in the truck of your car for about 10 years in the Sahara desert. Let’s make this clear I am not one to bash any beer or for that matter dislike a beer other than Miller Lite or Coors Light because of their lack of flavor and watered down body. Please heed my warning do not drink this beer. Unless of course you have no taste buds or simply don’t care.

Don’t Drink This Boatswain IPA from Trader’s Joe’s

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